Haight Law Group, PLC

When quality matters in corporate immigration law.

Haight Law Group, PLC is the law firm for managers who recognize the importance of quality immigration services to executives, managers, Human Resources, Legal, and key personnel.


Here are some of the key features of our practice:


Evaluation of Prospects and Strategic Analysis

We start by supporting the hiring decision process by evaluating a prospective foreign national candidate’s visa viability and promptly advising on whether there are options for both short-and long-term employment authorization.  HLG’s strategic approach leads to faster onboarding of new hires, provides a long-term strategy for retaining foreign national employees, and helps avoid the pitfalls and delays in navigating the complex immigration process.  Legal strategies are developed and executed, and petitions and applications are accurately and promptly prepared, filed, and actively monitored while pending with the government.  After a case is approved, we calendar relevant expiration dates and provide reminders to the company when extensions will be required.


Excellent Communications

Continuing through case initiation and case preparation, we keep lines of communication open with our company point-of-contact, with attorneys personally overseeing every case.


Policy Knowledge

HLG closely monitors policy developments and adjudication standards of government agencies and applies our extensive knowledge to individual case preparation and long term strategy development.  This helps calm the anxiety of your foreign national personnel, leading to higher retention and more productivity in your employees’ day-to-day job performance.


Due Diligence

We are keenly aware of the importance of corporate compliance with immigration-related laws and regulations, including those regarding I-9, E-Verify, and Department of Labor Public Access Files. We are a strategic and detail-oriented partner for immigration-related issues in corporate restructuring plans and due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.


Broad Experience

In addition to our corporate representation, we have extensive experience in visa processing for athletes and entertainers, representing professional sports teams and individual athletes, major studios and production companies, and individuals in front of and behind the camera.


Excellence is our standard

If excellence is your standard, please contact us for more information