The Haight Law Group Way

Our values and promise to our clients

The Haight Law Group Way1. STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE Demonstrate a passion for excellence and take pride in always preparing and submitting the highest quality of work.

2. HONOR COMMITMENTS Do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it. If a commitment can’t be fulfilled, notify affected individuals early and agree on a new deliverable that will be honored.

3. GET CLEAR ON EXPECTATIONS Create clarity and avoid misunderstandings by discussing expectations upfront. Set expectations for others and ask when you’re not clear about what they expect of you. Be clear about action items, responsibilities, and due dates.

4. ANTICIPATE AND BE PROACTIVE Solve problems and answer questions before they occur. Anticipate problems and plan for contingencies. Provide updates on the status of outstanding issues with those involved before they ask.

5. BE PROCESS-DRIVEN Follow systems and processes that support our ability to perform with consistency and to avoid mistakes. Modify processes to make them even better. Strong processes are the foundation of organizational effectiveness.

6. FIND A WAY TO DELIVER RESULTS Take personal responsibility for making things happen. Respond to every situation by looking for how we can do it, rather than why it can’t be done. Be resourceful and show initiative.

7. BE RESPONSIVE Respond to questions and concerns quickly. This may include simply acknowledging that we received the question and we’re “on it,” then providing a full response as quickly as possible.

8. COMMUNICATE TO BE UNDERSTOOD Identify your audience, then write and speak in a way that they can understand. Use the simplest possible explanations.

9. WORK WITH A SENSE OF URGENCY Complete cases as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Be focused, and finish tasks as completely as possible. If impossible at the moment, clearly flag loose ends. Hold yourself accountable to see that every action gets completed. Ask for help when needed to move a case to the finish line.

10. PAY METICULOUS ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS Be a fanatic about accuracy and precision. Strive to get things right, not simply to get them done. Double-check your work.

11. PROVIDE LEGENDARY CLIENT SERVICE Do the little things, and big things, that surprise clients. Create the “WOW” factor that turns clients into ardent fans.

12. INVEST IN RELATIONSHIPS Our business is built on trust and trust is built on relationships. Take actions that promote trust and enhance long-term relationships. Strong relationships enable us to work through difficult issues and challenging times more easily.

13. PROTECT AND PROMOTE OUR REPUTATION We’re all responsible for, and benefit from, the HLG image and reputation. Consider how your actions affect our collective reputation, and be a proud ambassador for our firm.

14. SHOW A POSITIVE OUTLOOK We have the power to choose our attitude. Choose to be joyful, optimistic, friendly, happy, fun, and enthusiastic. Attitudes are contagious; spread positivity!

15. TREAT EVERYONE WITH RESPECT Show courtesy and kindness to everyone at all times, whether talking to them or about them.

16. ASSUME POSITIVE INTENT OF OTHERS Work from the assumption that all co-workers, clients, government representatives, and vendors are good, fair, and honest, and that the intent behind their actions is positive. Set aside negative judgments about people. Gather facts before jumping to conclusions. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

17. CREATE A TONE OF FRIENDLINESS AND WARMTH Every conversation, phone call, e-mail, or voicemail sets a tone and creates a feeling. Pay attention to every interaction and be sure you’re setting a tone of friendliness, warmth, and helpfulness with others.

18. PRACTICE BLAMELESS PROBLEM SOLVING If you make a mistake, own up to it as soon as possible, apologize, and make it right. If others make a mistake, focus on solutions that can help the situation. Identify lessons learned and use those lessons to improve ourselves and our processes.

19. LISTEN GENEROUSLY Give others your undivided attention. Be present and engaged. Suspend judgment until you hear all the facts or points being made. Listen to understand. Appreciate constructive criticism rather than being defensive. Consider others’ ideas to improve your own. None of us is as smart as all of us!

20. SPEAK STRAIGHT Speak honestly in ways that help. Say what you mean politely and respectfully. Be willing to ask questions, share ideas, and raise troubling issues. As soon as a problematic issue comes up, address it directly with those involved or affected so it doesn’t grow into a major problem. Communicate in ways that build good will and strong relationships.

21. TREASURE COMPROMISE Strive for compromise and a win-win. Foster healthy debate that can lead to an outcome that is beneficial to all.

22. HAVE EACH OTHERS’ BACKS Support each other and take every opportunity you can to help a team member.

23. EMBRACE DIVERSITY Be open to working with and learning from people with different backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences. Our country has been built through diversity; our HLG team is strengthened through seeing things from different perspectives.

24. DO THE RIGHT THING Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to ethical and moral behavior in every action you take and in every decision you make.

25. BE PASSIONATE Show passion in what you do. Make the most of each day by approaching every task with energy, focus, purpose, and enthusiasm!

26. CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE Regularly reevaluate every aspect of your job to find ways to improve. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo or doing something “because we’ve always done it that way.” Find ways to get things done better, faster, and more efficiently.

27. BE A SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT A big part of our value is the knowledge and expertise we bring to every case. Find a legal issue about which you are passionate and become immersed in it. Seek out and take advantage of every opportunity to gain more knowledge, to increase your skills, and to become a greater expert.

28. ALIGN WITH CHANGE Get outside of your comfort zone! Be excited by the possibilities that change and growth bring. Be flexible.

29. CELEBRATE SUCCESS Celebrate our achievements! The more we celebrate success, the more we create success. Regularly extend meaningful acknowledgment and congratulations for good work throughout our firm.

30. HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR Remember that the world has bigger problems than the daily challenges that make up our work. Stuff happens. Don’t take things personally or take yourself too seriously. Have a sense of humor and make each other laugh every day!