New USCIS Filing Fees Take Effect October 2

Posted 9/18/2020 | Revised 9/25/2020

On July 31, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that it will implement new government filing fees on October 2.  These fees will apply to all cases filed on or after that date.

In addition, USCIS announced that processing times for premium processing cases will change.  Although premium processing fees ($1,440) will remain the same, premium processing cases will now be adjudicated in 15 business days (approximately three weeks) rather than 15 calendar days.

Below please find a breakdown of the fees for various petitions and applications under the new filing fee system.

New I-129 Fees

Starting on October 2, USCIS will split Form I-129 fees into several different tiers based on the type of visa classification being requested.  Each type of case will now have a different base fee.

  • I-129 for H-1B:
    • New base fee: $555 (previously $460)
    • The additional H-1B fees ($1,500 H-1B Employer Surcharge [$750 if fewer than 25 employees] and $500 Anti-Fraud fee) remain unchanged.
  • I-129 for L:
    • New base fee: $805 (previously $460)
    • The additional Anti-Fraud Fee of $500 remains unchanged
  • I-129 for E & TN:
    • $695 (previously $460)
  • I-129 for O:
    • $705 (previously $460)
  • I-129 for P:
    • $695 (previously $460)

New I-539 Dependent Change or Extension of Status Filing Fees

  • New Filing Fee: $430 plus $30 per each additional applicant (previously $455 plus $85 per each additional applicant)

New I-765 Employment Authorization Document Filing Fees for spouses in H, E or L status

  • $550 (previously $410)

New I-140 Immigrant Visa Petition Filing Fees

  • $555 (previously $700)

New I-485 Adjustment of Status Filing Fees

  • New I-485 Filing Fee: $1,130 for applicants 14-79 (previously $1,225)
  • $1,130 for applicants under 14 (previously $750)

New I-765 EAD and I-131 AP Filing Fees

  1. Filed with new AOS cases

Previously, EAD and AP renewals for individuals with pending I-485 Adjustment of Status applications did not require filing fees.  Filing fees will now be required for Forms I-765 Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and I-131 Application for Advance Parole Travel Document (AP) filed concurrently with the I-485.

In addition, any I-765/I-131 renewal applications filed based on an I-485 application filed on or after October 2 will now be subject to the following filing fees:

  • New I-765 Filing Fee: $550 (previously none)
  • New I-131 Filing Fee: $590 (previously none)
  1. Filed in conjunction with old AOS cases

USCIS will continue to waive filing fees for I-765/I-131 applications that are filed based on an I-485 application filed between August 1, 2007 and October 1, 2020.

For more information about the new filing fees, including fees for case types that are not listed here, please visit the USCIS website.